Saturday, January 22, 2011

crazy week

It's been a really eventful week. Since I'm so extremely exhausted, I'll just list them here, then go knock out for the night in my bed with my awesome Korean heating blanket.

1. I started training in brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay thai at the New Breed Academy. All of it is totally new to me, but I don't mind because the atmosphere is awesome. No pretension, everyone's cool, laid back, and willing to teach and help. Despite the mat burns, bruises, chokeholds, and my own severe lack of physical strength, it's been fun. I get to have class with Teddy sometimes, and I was also gladly surprised to see an old high school friend there as well (Joe!!), although I have no hope of beating either of them.

2. I got to break in my new snowboard today (even though I bought it at the end of November..). Not only is it so nice not to have to use rentals (it was so smooth and comfortable), I also caught some air for the first time today! Without wiping out! The first time I jumped (although it probably wasn't more than an inch), the feeling of having nothing touching the bottom of my board was terrifying and thrilling; I couldn't wait to do it again. I'm hoping I'll be able to join some friends at Alpine in a couple weeks for another run.

3. Not only did I run into an old friend from high school at New Breed, I got to meet up with another long lost friend of mine that I haven't seen since she moved out of town after graduating from junior high. She's still the same sweet person I knew back when, and even better is that it didn't feel like ten years had passed between us. Glorya, we definitely need to get together more often!

4. I found out that I'd been accepted for the Newman Center Alternative Spring Break program! I heard about it briefly through a friend/coworker, and then got more information from the person who was in charge of organizing it all. I've always wanted to do an ASB program, but this one caught my eye (ear?) since it's organized through the Newman Center on campus and they have a spiritual perspective toward the service that we give on this trip. I'm really looking forward to this trip; I'm hoping God really uses this trip to not only bless me, but everyone I interact with that week.

And there were a few other little good things. What I must fight to remember is that God provides me with these gifts not so that I can enjoy them in and of themselves, but they are gifts from a God who loves me, and ultimately just wants me to love Him back. He delights in providing me with good things because He delights in me; he wants me to delight in Him as well.

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