Sunday, August 21, 2011


Last night as I was blogging the previous entry, I initially started by saying "Here are a few updates:" and proceeded to write brief paragraphs about the random different thoughts I've had over the week. But then I realized that writing in that way doesn't really allow me to add details about the various things that are going on, so I'll try to update more often with more focus, while not trying to cover everything in one go. Hopefully this will spur me on to write more often and with more thought.

So for this post, I'm listing the things I want to accomplish while I'm here in Louisville (things that are unrelated to my walk with Jesus and my work at GE - I'll cover those things in different posts).

- Learn how to cook. I just finished lunch: grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup (which is also what I ate last night). I know it's disappointing, but I am really horrible in the kitchen. Hopefully having full control over the food that I buy and eat will challenge me to try making new dishes and at least gain some common sense in the kitchen that I severely lack. At least I found a Korean/Asian market nearby (I need to buy some chopsticks).

- On that note: eat healthier. I've decided that for the next four months, no soft drinks, no candy, no chips. Chocolate is the exception, but with the condition that I'm not allowed to buy any for myself more than once a month. If someone offers, then it's okay. Hopefully I won't always be offered fudge brownies or Hershey's Almond Kisses or chocolate chip cookies.

- I want to be wiser about how I'll use the money that I'll be making this semester. This past year I feel as though I did or spent however I liked without much thought or prayer, and as a result, my credit card debt is larger than I'd like. Especially when it comes to eating out. I want to eliminate eating out completely, but I know that's unreasonable, especially since food seems to be the one universal thing through which people develop relationships whether at church or at work. Praying that God will give me the wisdom to decide carefully on when and where to spend what He provides.

- Exercise. There isn't a BJJ gym close by unfortunately (sorry Teddy!), but I can't let that be my excuse for not keeping myself in shape. There is a fitness center at work in one of the main buildings that doesn't cost much at all, so I plan on joining. I really should go check it out tomorrow.

- Learn to dress better, more my age, and yes, more like a woman than a guy. I can't be surprised when people think I'm a scruffy 19-year-old if I'm always walking around wearing jeans and t-shirts. Work will help with that since I'm always dressing up. I have to get used to it sometime, right? No makeup though. Still want to avoid that as much as possible.

That's it on my list for now. Feel free to ask if I've been following these goals. =]

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